Simple, elegant web sites. By design.

Our client list includes actors, producers, shows, theatre production companies, and writers - visit their sites (click the pics below) to see examples of our work.

All sites are custom designed to meet specific client needs, and all with the HECTOR PURPLISH ethos of simple, elegant web design.


HECTOR PURPLISH is a web design company created in 2014 by group of theatre professionals - actors, directors, writers, producers - with the aim of encouraging theatre industry colleagues to embrace the internet and develop an effective online presence.


If you want a web site designed to be elegant and effective, a web site put together by a team with decades of experience in the business of theatre industry promotion, and a web site that puts you, your talents, your show, and your creativity front and centre, get in touch!  


HECTOR PURPLISH would love to help you, and we can look after your web site design and maintenance, your domain registration and hosting services, and can even design your logos and artwork, or put together your show reel or your theatrical trailer.

EMAIL: info@hectorpurplish.com